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Mauri is the sacred light. The Life-force that weaves and connects everything in the Universe


Ko Tainui te waka

Ko Hoturoa te tangata

Ko Tararua te maunga

Ko Ōtaki me Waitohu ngā awa

Ko Ngāti Raukawa ki te tong ate iwi

Ko Ngāti Kapumanawawhiti me Ngāti Maiotaki ngā hapū

Ko Joanne Hakaraia-Olson tōku ingoa


Joanne is a Rongoā Māori Practitioner, educator and owner of Rongoā Mauri Botanicals. She is Ngāti Raukawa, born and raised in Otaki on the Kapiti Coast. 


Joanne has been practising mirimiri since 2011. She has been taught by Tohunga from Te Tai Tokerau and Te Tai Rāwhiti. She started practising and prescribing rongoā in 2013 and now teaches rongoā in Ōtaki.


Joanne opened Rongoā Mauri Botanicals in 2021 to be able to provide rongoā to her community. She bridges traditional plant remedies to modern day needs and imbalances. Her mission is to preserve the mātauranga that comes from these ancient forms of indigenous botany and keep them alive and vibrant.


Joanne practises mirimiri and provides rongoā to her clients. She works intuitively and holistically, grounded in Rongoā Māori. She is ACC registered and able to provide Rongoā Māori to clients who wish to work with her. 

Joanne also works with the mauri of rākau to facilitate healing. As a kairongoā (plant medicine woman), she has studied intimately with specific plants and co-creates and co-facilitates with them for healing work. 

Things to know before coming to a session:

  • A session with Joanne usually takes an hour. The first 15 minutes may be used for consultation.

  • Please wear comfortable clothing for your session and ensure you are wearing comfortable trousers or leggings. You are fully clothed during the session.

  • There is a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of a confirmed booking, it will be deducted from your ACC claim as a session (unless you have a valid reason).

Joanne provides her services from the clinic of P2 Health at 2 Main Street, Ōtaki.

To make an appointment, please contact the clinic:

Tel: 022 470 9180

or click here to be directed to P2 Health, Ōtaki

"Our bodies use pain as a signal to get our attention that something in the body is off balance or out of tune.

Our hands are tools for facilitating healing because through our hands we can feel and receive information. The energy from our hands tells us so much, they can act like any tool necessary to do what they need to do with issues on the surface or tissues deeper in the body.

Our hands are so sensitive that we forget that we can learn a lot about our environment through touch. Information about something can be gained simply by touching it with our fingers, for they are so sensitive they can distinguish a pattern within a smooth surface, whilst also differentiating textures, temperatures and vibrations. We communicate through touch, and the palms of our hands are amongst our most powerful tools for giving and receiving information."

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