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close-up masseur hands doing back massag


To mirimiri the tinana is to stimulate and warm the tissues using vibration from our hands or other parts of our body. Our hands are the main tools for applying mirimiri because through our hands we can feel and receive information. The energy from our hands tells us so much, they can act like any tool necessary to do what they need to do with tissues on the surface or tissues deeper in the body.

Our hands are so sensitive that we forget that we can learn a lot about our environment through touch. Information about something can be gained simply by touching it with our fingers, for they are so sensitive they can distinguish a pattern within a smooth surface, whilst also differentiating textures, temperatures and vibrations. We communicate through touch, and the palms of our hands are amongst our most powerful tools for giving and receiving information.


Stored within our cellular memory are all the conscious and unconscious patterns of behaviours. The unproductive patterns impair our ability to feel well, happy, healthy, attain our goals and fulfil our purpose.

Our bodies use pain as a signal to get our attention that something in the body is off balance or out of tune.

The synergetic combination of rongoā + mirimiri will support you to access long buried unconscious patterns. 

Unexpressed trauma of past experiences stored in the musculature and connective tissue of our bodies creates tension, blocks circulation and can ultimately lead to pain and disease. Because our bodies and emotions can only safely handle a limited amount of stress, trauma results whenever an experience exceeds our abilities to handle and cope with its consequences. The energy of the trauma is stored in our body's tissues, until it can be released. 


When trauma occurs, our bodies activate a protective mechanism. A stressor that is too much for a person to handle overloads the nervous system, stopping the trauma from processing. This overload halts the body in its instinctive fight or flight response, causing the traumatic energy to be stored in the surrounding muscles, organs and connective tissue. Whenever we store trauma in our tissue, our brain disconnects from that part of the body to block the experience, preventing the recall of the traumatic memory.

Unwinding the 'knots' = Unlocking Memories

Combining mirimiri with kōrero  can assist to bring a trauma to completion.  Mirimiri effectively reduces stress and tension levels, making space for release. We need to build our inner resources to handle the experience that were not in place when the 'event' took place. Being full of tension and stress does not allow the space for the stored trauma to move into. The energy of the trauma needs space to go when released. We also need to reconnect to the area of the body where the trauma is stored. Mirimiri assists us to reconnect to our body. It allows us to be more aware and conscious of how our body is feeling.  We have become so disconnected with how our body feels that in order to fully heal, we have to build and strengthen whanaungatanga with it.

Mirimiri the Rongoā

Working intuitively with the body, we use rongoā (traditional plant medicine) and mirimiri this into the skin. We work only with organic balms and oils made from the native plants of Aotearoa, NZ. 

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