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Kia ora, working intuitively with the body, we only use organic balms and oils using the native plants of Aotearoa. All of our products are recipes of rongoā that have been passed down through whakapapa.

All living beings are composed of energy, which can be transformed. When we invite the plant spirits to directly interface with our own vibrational field and allow our energies to merge with theirs, we can directly enter into resonance with the perfected blueprints of teaching and healing plant spirits, thereby potentiating more harmonious states in our own being. 

Stored within our cellular memory are all the conscious and unconscious patterns of behaviours. The unproductive patterns impair our ability to feel well, happy, healthy, attain our goals and fulfill our purpose.

Our bodies use pain as a signal to get our attention that something in the body is off balance.

The synergetic combination of rongoā + mirimiri (bodywork/massage) will support you to access long buried unconscious patterns. 

Mirimiri can calm the nervous system, which integrates the mind-body pattern. This calming effect leads to enhanced self-awareness, giving freedom for feelings to come forth and be released in a safe environment.

The healing work that takes place comes through whakapapa and I connect to Source for all healing. 

Nau Mai Haere Mai


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