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Hine Raumati Rongoā is an online wānanga working with the flowering rākau (native plants of Aotearoa). The wānanga is delivered online for 3 months from December to February. Students are encouraged to do self-directed learning with the support of kairongoā and fellow students. This is an introduction to the mahi of this wānanga. It provides you with the tools and resources to practise whanaungatanga long after the wānanga is completed.

We 'sit' with a putiputi for 2 weeks at a time. This enables enough time to build whanaungatanga with the rākau and the putiputi. You will be connecting to the mauri of putiputi (flowers) to receive the mātauranga. Putiputi are the vibrational beings that can catalyse profound transformation through their subtle energetic matrix. When the channels are clear, the putiputi can help to redirect the energy by transmitting a frequency of balance, allowing us to express and transform deep-seated issues that reside within the subconscious. Healing is facilitated by flooding our being with the higher vibrations imbued within their essence, dissolving dissonant thoughts and behaviours and restoring our consciousness back to its natural state of wholeness. 


The intensity of the work lies within your own healing and how deep you wish to go. You don't have to be experienced with rongoā to do this wānanga but you will be aware of your own matakitetanga (intuition).

New Zealand native honeyeater bird the Tui (Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae), in a golden ye


Membership can be a Weekly or Monthly Subscription

Our next intake for the course is from 4th December 2021 to 3rd March 2022. The full amount for the wānanga is $180. You have the option of paying a monthly subscription of $70 per month or $20 per week.  


Whether you become a student of Rongoā to enable it to assist you as a healer, for personal transformation and self-healing, or to integrate this healing modality into your current profession, it has the ability to change your life. 

You are not obligated to any lengthy terms and can cancel your membership at any time. The proceeds go towards administration and costs to enable us to deliver regular wānanga for our members.

Please make sure you have subscribed to this website. A registration opportunity will be emailed to you in November.

Nau Mai Haere Mai

Expressions of Interest for Hine Raumati Rongoā

Ngā mihi!

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