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We offer workshops for those who wish to work with rākau for deep healing and expanding consciousness. You learn the medicinal properties of plants but you also understand the deeper aspects of the healing power of plants. The workshops are designed to combine awareness through working with rākau. You can go as deep as you like or stay near the surface. However, if you want to spiritually connect with rākau to enable profound healing and transformation, I strongly suggest embarking on a journey of deep self-discovery always asking the powerful question:


Ko Wai Au? 

Who Am I?


When you can move to the core of knowing who you truly are, life takes an amazing turn. You are supported by experienced kairongoā throughout the course.


Rongoā Māori is a way of life and is a powerful healing system designed to promote balance. It is a science of life.


Participants have a compelling desire to make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others. They come with a passion for learning, for their community, and for experiencing the fullness of themselves while being in a loving relationship with life. Te Waka Rākau supports and honours these longings welcoming the essential unfoldment of the traditional healer within.


Whether you enrol in any of the workshops to integrate this modality into your current profession or for personal transformation and self-inquiry, it will change your life.


Te Waka Rākau also offers additional events and products that we hope will enhance your life and create new opportunities for self-transformation for you and your whanau.


We are dedicated to health and well-being, cultivating spiritual knowledge and expanding consciousness. 


The principles of Te Waka Rākau are expressed within our teachings and are based on traditions that are central to Te Ao Māori.   Our creation stories and traditions guide our thought processes, our behaviours and our states of being.  We teach these concepts as wisdom that can be found within the plant kingdom.


Te Waka Rākau is a vessel for expansion and higher consciousness.


- to increase wellbeing and spiritual being
- to encourage living simply and higher thinking
- to share the beauty of nature
- to be of service for the Divine



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