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Rākau Awakenings

Rākau Awakenings are spiritual reading of plants I intuitively tune into. I read the putiputi (flowers) of native plants as the blooms start to emerge. During the long winter months, a plant goes into wānanga. Before Spring arrives, the plant gathers information to know what type of environment it will be in when it releases the mauri (life-force) of a putiputi. The putiputi is so excited to reveal itself in all its glory however the plant must ensure the putiputi has everything it needs to remain safe and nurtured to sustain itself for the very short time that she is on show. The putiputi shows us the mana and mauri of the plant. It is the putiputi who ensures the plants success of lineage. When she begins the sacred unfolding of emergence from within the bud, we can hear her waiata in low soft tones. As she nears completion of unfoldment her waiata is in the highest form of vibration that makes our hearts sing. She has a message to share from where she has been and she wants to sing it to the world. Can you hear her? The birds can hear her and will often show their excitement before she is in full bloom. The can hear her low soft tones as she unfolds.


The blooms of rākau move through different states within the shades of their hue. We think we are choosing them to work with but in actual fact, it is they who choose us to work with. If you can hear them they have a message to share. This is what Rākau Awakenings is about. They are global messages from the putiputi as they appear and may be helpful for you in preparing for the month ahead or they may have a message that is personal for you. Only you will feel it and hear it.


As we head into 2020, it will be a strong year for everyone to realise their purpose for being here. Transitions are happening and will come in very strong for those who know why they're here but are having challenges for putting it into place and doing it. It will be a milestone year for me of bringing this work through for spirit. For those who have followed and tuned into my work will know that my enthusiasm and dedication for helping people to wake up and walk with purpose is as strong today, as it's ever been.


All Members receive the full report of Rākau Awakenings. It will help to set up your week to flow and elevates your awareness. And when you tune into the putiputi (flower) which I will help you to do through my Live Webinars, the mauri (life-force) will assist you in raising your vibration so you can be the omnipotent being you came here to be.


Here is how deep healing can occur when working with rākau


When a particular bloom chooses you, you will see it with your whole being, not just with your eyes.


Acknowledge the connection.

Allow it to unfold for you with no resistance.

Admire its beauty.

Really feel its beauty working with you.


Your being is resonating to its frequency and know that old or stuck emotions and energy will come up to be released. Give yourself permission to allow them to simply fall away. Writing in your journal about what you're feeling helps enormously to move stagnant energy. Any type of energy release is helpful such as talking, crying and even a shouting release (on your own in private). All of these energy releases can be done in private and on your own. Walking in the ngahere (forest) or along the beach is a great way to release stored energy and keeping you safe.


Say a karakia (prayer) before any energy release. Here is a simple karakia I often say before any energy release I do for myself.


Hover close to me dear God.

Keep me safe and protected as I release what no longer serves me.

Keep my being and those around me safe.

I ask for release from the bondage that has kept me from moving forward.

It has kept me safe while I processed what I needed to at the time, but I no longer need it.

I know I am always safe in your light and so I ask you to hover closer to me.

Give me the strength to walk with you and feel your presence at all times.

I give myself over to you and surrender.

Thank you for your patience in waiting for me.

I am here now God.

Safe in your arms.


- Joanne Hakaraia

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