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"Ra = sun/light        k au = to flow          Ra = Sacred light u = sustenance.


A plant requires sun or light to exist, just like us. The leaves draw light from the sun and turns the light into kai or food. The kai in the form of food, nourishes the body. The kai in the form of light, nourishes our wairua or spirit. Both forms of kai are equal in energy and force because both feed us, but in different ways. The sustenance of the kai occurs in different realms, the physical and the spirit. Yet they are both the same.The kai we eat can influence the kai we receive in wairua. It influences our thoughts.


When we eat kai that has been seeded in Papatūānuku (Mother Earth) we receive high vibrational sustenance. We know where the kai comes from and the elements involved in the transaction. It’s when we don’t know the whakapapa (genealogy) of the kai that it can cause complications.


Kai laden with chemicals and man-made preservatives alter our thought processes and emotions and therefore our body structure.If we look at the process from te taha wairua (spiritually) we know that the light being transformed into kai is essentially illumined sacred knowledge from divine light.


This book has been developed over many years of working with rākau (plants). We can create the life we want. All we have to do is change some thoughts and let go of old beliefs that don’t serve us. We are on a pathway to inner enlightenment.


Letting go of heavy ‘stuff' that literally weighs us down is a big part of the process. It’s not an easy journey but it’s an interesting one. Once we let go of a few beliefs about ourselves or about the world in general, it becomes a lot easier to practice letting go. The more weight that drops away, the more the navigator in us appears. This is when life becomes truly fascinating because an exciting new landscape reveals itself to us.

RĀKAU The Sacred Flow of Light



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