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Punaora Rongoā is an intensive wānanga working with rākau (native plants of Aotearoa) for healing and self-empowerment. The course is delivered online over 9 months. Students are encouraged to do self-directed learning with the support of kairongoā and fellow students. 

For those who have followed my work will know that my enthusiasm and dedication for helping others to walk with purpose is as strong today, as it’s ever been. 

When you begin the journey of Punaora Rongoā you will go through your own healing journey. You will be connecting to the mauri of specific plants for insight and deep healing. The intensity of the work lies within your own healing. You don't have to be experienced with rongoā to do this wānanga but you will be aware of your own matakitetanga (intuition).

Rākau are our tuakana. They are our teachers. By developing the ability to listen to and access the information stored within ourselves, we are able to let go and operate at a higher level. 



Membership is a Monthly Subscription

Our next intake for the course is from 8th March 2022 to 7th November 2022. It costs $40 per month or $12 per week.  I have delivered this online course many times and have seen powerful internal shifts in many people from around the world. 


Whether you become a student of Rongoā to enable it to assist you as a healer, for personal transformation and self-healing, or to integrate this healing modality into your current profession, it has the ability to change your life. 

You are not obligated to any lengthy terms and can cancel your membership at any time. The proceeds go towards administration and costs to enable us to deliver regular wānanga for our members.

Nau Mai Haere Mai

Watch a clip on what Punaora Rongoā is all about

I connect to the mauri of a plant by visualising it, or saying it’s name out loud or in my mind, then dropping down into my heart and feeling where it sits inside my body.

I feel a subtle shift in my environment when we move through each rakau. It is like a different filter or theme of reality, with different rakau. I sense new ideas, thoughts, and visions, that have a new theme or a shift in perspective. It is like the fabric of reality has a slightly different shade or tone.


M Keelan - Australia


I am privileged to learn from Joanne and alongside Pikihuia. A wānanga that started 1 week into the first lockdown.
On reflection, tuning into the rākau at such an important time in all our lives kept me grounded, centered and focused. I won't remember lockdown with anxiety but a time when I felt deep aroha and the beauty of being present.
A truly beautiful, uplifting, empowering and supportive waka to be on.


V Subritzky - East Cape

Ngā mihi!

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