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Podocarpus totara

Totara is endemic to New Zealand. It grows to 30 m high with a trunk 2 m across. The tōtara is a medium to large tree which grows slowly to around 20 to 25 m, exceptionally to 35 m; it is noted for its longevity and the great girth of its trunk. The bark peels off in papery flakes, with a purplish to golden brown hue. The sharp, dull green needle-like leaves are stiff and leathery, 2 cm long. This plant produces highly modified cones with 2 to 4 fused, fleshy berry-like juicy scales, bright red when mature.




Leaves boied. Decoction used for assisting with sore throats and chest congestion. Helps to releie breathing issue. Acts as an anti-microbial.