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Te Waka Rākau


Te Waka Rākau is a registered charitable organisation operating as a not-for-profit social enterprise. It was formed in 2016 to bring wāhine and their whanau together to share their stories through the traditional practice of Rongoā Māori. 


Our mission is to build and preserve the mātauranga of rongoā rākau for the benefit of all people. We believe that there is strength in diversity and recognise that for Te Waka Rākau to be strong we need people from all walks of life to feel a connection with our kaupapa.

If you value the wealth of experience and knowledge that Te Waka Rākau holds and makes available through it’s website, publications and courses then the best way that you can support us is by becoming a member and by encouraging other people to join.

Becoming a member of Te Waka Rākau is the best way to support us to:

  • Continue to preserve the mātauranga of rongoā rākau

  • Provide inspiration and learning opportunities for as many people as possible

  • Empower people to learn about the rongoā growing around their home


In addition members get the following benefits:


  As a member, you receive access to all 'members only' parts of the website such as:  

  •               The Rongoā Rākau Guide. The Guide is updated every year and available to all members

  •               Exclusive new 'members only' newsletter, packed with top tips, practical advice                                      and member-only offers

  •               TWR Rongoā Roopu dedicated to the study of rongoā.

  •               Regular live rongoā tutorials

  •               Channel Rongoā

  •               Membership discounts on workshops, retreats and products

  •               Access to video library of rongoā

  •               Mobile app available for rongoā 'on the go'

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